...holding hope for people with disabilities by encouraging them to “Dwell in the Possibilities”
Welcome to the journey...
When a child is born with a disability the family embarks on a new and unique journey. It can be a joyous trip that needs careful research and strategic planning. Nancy Brown has successfully navigated that journey. She and “the love of her life” Bridget share their story through presentations and workshops laced with real life scenarios, tear-filled memories and humor. Participants will learn how Nancy and Bridget’s journey developed and leave with a toolkit of strategies and tools that will assist families, school personnel, and communities on their own journeys into full and inclusive lives.

Our organization includes education and social service professionals who have experience developing inclusive programs and lives for individuals with disabilities. We are prepared to work with you to develop a personalized plan.

Our services include keynote speeches, workshops and one-on-one counseling and representation.



Bridget speaking to a group of students - May 3, 2017

Keynote Speeches

Bridget doing a MAP at a workshop

Watch Nancy in action!

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What do participants have to say about Bridget and Nancy?
"...very well presented and useful material….nice job."
"...very insightful! Thank you for all the wonderful ideas and tools."
"It was great to see the involvement of the parent and student in the person centered learning process."
"Bridget gives a lot of hope to individuals with disabilities."
"The activity ideas were fabulous.  I am leaving with practical ideas and strategies that I will definitely be using."
"The great ideas and enthusiastic  presenters."
"The new ideas with examples were my favorite part – graphic organizer flip books, mini books, etc."
"Bridget was well-spoken and a great public speaker holding the audience's attention and truly demonstrating the effectiveness of self determination…. Bridget, you are amazing…
keep up the good work!"
"Bridget and Nancy presented great 'user friendly' information. Thank you for helping us make life better for our children."

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